The Incident Pit

[Ebook] ↠ The Incident Pit  Author Chris Leicester –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 171 pages
  • The Incident Pit
  • Chris Leicester
  • 12 June 2018

About the Author: Chris Leicester

Chris grew up in Sheffield in the UK surrounded by a wonderful mix of heavy industry and beautiful scenery After finishing his A levels in 1976 he went walkabout where he mixed 3 years of foreign travel with over 14 horrible temporary jobs deliberately chosen to give him a rounded experience in life He returned back to the UK and went to study in London From there he lived in Islington an

The Incident Pit There Have Been So Many Deaths At This Massive, Old, Flooded Quarry Over The Years They Ve Nick Named It The Incident Pit The Bottom Of It Has Never Been Reached And So There S An Obsession By Divers To Be The First To Get There And As The Authorities Threaten To Close The Place As A Dive Site For Good, This Obsession Is Intensified As The Chance To Be The Conqueror Of The Pit Is Gone Forever In The Wake Of The Death Of Its Latest Victim, Rob, Views Are Polarised In The Club As A Result, Fiona Now Plans To Give Up Diving Altogether Martin However Is Determined Than Ever To Be That Conqueror But As Everyone Refuses To Go With Him He Is Forced The Consider Breaking The Hallowed Diving Rule Never Dive Alone Fiona And Martin Argue Furiously About What Counts As Bravery And What As Recklessness When Does Ambition Turn Into Suicide But Undeterred, Martin Carries On After All, He Argues What S The Point Of Living If We Don T Take Risks And So He Plans His Dive But What Really Lies At The Bottom Of The Incident Pit

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