Anyone But Rich (Anyone But..., #1)

[PDF] ✩ Anyone But Rich (Anyone But..., #1)  By Penelope Bloom –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 249 pages
  • Anyone But Rich (Anyone But..., #1)
  • Penelope Bloom
  • 14 March 2018

About the Author: Penelope Bloom

I m a USA Today Bestselling Author and have written nearly a dozen top 50 bestsellers, including four books that have hit the top 10 Despite all that, I m still a nervous wreck before I release every new book and I still feel like I have so much to learn about writing and publishing than I can even wrap my head around I m just beyond honored and humbled that so many readers have embr

Anyone But Rich (Anyone But..., #1) From USA Today Bestselling Author Penelope Bloom Comes The First Novel In The Romantic, Sexy, And Hilarious Anyone But Series Seven Years Ago, My Best Friends And I Made A Promise No Matter What, We Would Never Date One Of The King Brothers Even If They Grew Up To Become Megafamous, Gorgeous, Heart Stopping Billionaires Even If They Crawled On Their Knees And Begged For ForgivenessBut Guess Who Just Flew Back Into Our Lives In A Private Jet And Guess Who Just Showed Up To My Job On My First Day Richard King Fortunately, It Takes Two Seconds For Richard To Reveal He Hasn T Changed Conceited Cocky Rude Unfortunately, He S Also The Kind Of Gorgeous That S Borderline Offensive With A Jawline To Make Statues Self Conscious And A Grin That Short Circuits My BrainHe S Spent Years Taking What He Wants I Doubt He S Hungry For Anything Else Except Me, Apparently There S No Way I Ll Let Him Maneuver His Way Back Into My Life My Friends Would Never Forgive Me I Would Never Forgive Me But Did I Mention His Jawline

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10 thoughts on “Anyone But Rich (Anyone But..., #1)

  1. Ꮗ€♫◗☿ says:

    Penelope Bloom delivers the romance and wit as much as in the Objects of Attraction series Thanks to Netgalley for providing me with and ARC in exchange for an honest review.I loved Penelope Bloom s raunchy wit in the Objects of Attraction series I still plan to read of those books She continues in that same vein in this series She has Hero in this book, Rich King, as of a straight laced guy However, Rich has a twin brother Cade who is quite a bit immature than him and he is the one that cracks a lot of the jokes So it fits in with his character perfectly I was laughing out loud throughout the book Kira Summerland is a school teacher that has a history with Rich She knew him in high school and had a crush on him, but dated his younger brother Nick Rich did something that screwed her over and she has hated him ever since, but all three Kings moved away, and Kira along with her two friends made a pact to never date a King again So when they return and Rich pursues her, the pact becomes a problem Kira and her two friends are also hilarious They meet and talk about the funniest things Her friend Iris is a police officer and she also provides quite a bit of comic relief Penelope Bloom is great at developing supporting characters as well as the main characters I walked into Bradley s with a stereo I d borrowed from school over my head It wasn t technically a boom box, but I hoped my friends would get the reference anyway The CD player also didn t work, so I had to awkwardly wait in my car until a half decent apology song came on the radio and then rush in with the thing held up high Everybody stopped talking and turned to look at me as I came walking in slowly, eyes locked on the table where Iris and Miranda were watching with wide eyed horror. Cade and Nick King returned to town along with Rich in part because they had something with Iris and Miranda but those relationships will be the next books in the series I happen to like this humor and I can t wait to read .

  2. Coco.V says:

    ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  3. Tianna✸loves books✸ says:

    This book was beyond boring.I didn t feel any connections with any of the characters The writing was very uninteresting and dull I was waiting for some spark but there wasn t any.Maybe I had too much expectations from this book.

  4. Sara Oxton says:

    Anyone But Rich by Penelope Bloom a four star read that blooms between the pages Most of the time this deserves five stars but then in a couple it only deserves at most three, so I went for four overall I am eagerly awaiting number two in the anyone but series as I am hoping that that one will have five star moments, and I adored both of Kira s best friends Miranda and Iris along with all three King brothers, they all made this a great story, even some of the others like the parents, they added much mirth to the story, but there were just a couple of bots I got frustrated at reading and was like eugghh how much But then a few pages later I was hooked again, its that type of story This has all the bones of being a great series.

  5. Paula White says:

    3.5 This was one of those books where you know how it was going to end but the journey to get there was entertaining Kira and her friends have made a pact to not date the King brothers, seven years later the brothers return and Kira has trouble sticking to her promise Rich and Kira were sweet together and she never stood a chance Rich s brother Cade was hilarious and I can t wait to read his book Kira s best friends were also entertaining The parents in this book left a lot to be desired and it was satisfying that Rich s parents did not get their way.Thank you to NetGalley for the copy.

  6. Abby says:

    ARC copy was provided by netgalley I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Go and read this book like NOW So many stars Anyone but RICH is so hilarious I literally was laughing out loud tell I had tears coming down my face I don t think I ve laughed that hard with any other book and I ve read a ton Maybe I m a weirdo and it wasn t that funny to other people but it did it for me I swear I will reread this book anytime I need a cheer me up I ve found a new favorite author I can not wait to read all the books in this series Penelope Bloom you nailed it Kira and her two best friends made a promise to never ever EVER allow the three King brothers back in their life sno matter what They all had one they were crushing on but after all that happened in school they would swear to never break that promise even if one of those sexy brothers came begging on his knees They all knew they each had a weakness to one of them and so they made a pack never thinking the Kings would make there way back to small town West Valley Especially not after they made it big in California like BILLIONAIRE big Little did they know 7 years later those men came marching into town and had everyone swooning and gossiping about them This is Kira s and Rich s story and it is so funny and cute you can t help but love them both Kira is determined to keep her promise and not let her best friends down Rich is stubborn and likes the challenge Kira is giving him At first he tells himself he needs to apologize to her and he never expected her to blatantly refuse his I m sorry speech But as she continues to get in his head he can t help but be honest with his self he wants her, now he just has to figure out how to get her Kira s friends are the best and Rich s brothers are so funny When you read this you will finish it determined to read the next book in line and also angry you can t and you have to wait I read this in a short period of time cause I could not put in down I secretly wish I would have dragged it on a little bit longer cause it was just that good

  7. Jasmine says:

    Received a digital ARC of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Three best friends make a pact to never date any of the King Brothers a trio of extremely handsome now billionaires Seven years later, the King Brothers return home and the devilishly gorgeous and cocky Richard King is determined to earn back Kira Summerland s forgiveness With a jawline as sexy as his, it s no wonder Kira is struggling to keep her promise to Miranda and Iris.Overall, this was a fun and easy beach read to breeze through and relax with Bloom s characters are mostly likeable, even Rich s twin Cade who is probably going to be my favorite King brother His ability to be both dense and intelligent at the same time was hilarious to read about I feel the story was a bit rushed and the resolution to Rich s and Kira s parents attempt at sabotaging their romance was too convenient.Bloom s sense of humor is an interesting mix of weird and crude very much reminds me of Helena Hunting s writing Meet Cute, 2019 Kira s weird quirk knitting and selling rodent sweaters was funny, but kind of unnecessary Also there s an entire argument between Cade and his brother Nick over whether a headlock is still a headlock if done to someone s balls Not sure if it was stupid, hilarious or both As a singer musician, I was a little annoyed at Bloom s use of the phrase pretentious classical music to describe the music being played at fancy parties I understand the sentiment, but I personally don t take well to classical music only being described as something hoity toity Once was understandable, but then she used the same phrase again later and I just became grumpy cat.The cover of this book is a little misleading It looks like some darkly sensual cover for an erotica novel, but the book is quite light hearted and fun Though not a standout amongst the hundreds of romance novels I ve read, I look forward to its sequels I need to see Cade and Iris get together A no romance idiotic genius and a grumpy lady cop whose weapon of choice is a nightstick I m here for that craziness.

  8. Julia says:

    Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC Anyone But Rich was a two day read for me that I loved But I was so close to giving it four stars because of the promise that Kira, Iris, and Miranda made with each other Going into the book, I knew that the promise would be an obstacle somehow, but even when I expected that, it was still slightly frustrating in the beginning The promise would always get in the way Despite how Kira felt about Rich, she kept reminding herself over and over that she still had the promise to keep and couldn t be with Rich This went on for about 100 pages, but once the issue of the promise was settled between Kira and her friends, the book got SO much better And it s settled in the most hilarious way ever I didn t always enjoy the humor used mostly, Cade s , but this was a book that had me laughing so hard view spoiler That part when Kira punches Rich in the eye got a HUGE laugh from me hide spoiler

  9. Pink Lilac says:

    Anyone But Rich is a fabulously funny, lighthearted, second chance romance Kira, along with her two best friends Iris and Miranda are shocked to hear that the King brothers are returning to town 7 years after they made a pact to have absolutely nothing to do with them Each of them have some kind of tumultuous history with one of the brothers and they are prepared to uphold their old promise and remain steadfast in their avoidance of the handsome, billionaire brothers but Rich King has other plans He wants to clear the air with Kira, apologise and put the past behind them Kira makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with him but Rich is determined to show he s not the same boy that left 7 years ago Can Kira allow herself a chance with Rich or will she be betraying her friends and the pact Is Rich in the right place to pursue a relationship with Kira when his stuffy, manipulative parents want him to marry another woman Will he committ to his obligation with Stella and ensure his new business headquarters opens without interference or will he outwit his parents and get the woman he wants after all A great read made all the enjoyable by the secondary characters Cade and the way his mind works is hilarious and I look forward to his story with Iris who is equally as nutty I m also intrigued to learn the history between Nick and Miranda who were possibly the closest in the past before it all went awry This was my first time reading anything by Penelope Bloom and I thoroughly enjoyed it Would definitely recommend and I eagerly await the next book which I hope is Cade s Thanks to NetGalley and Montlake for the opportunity to read this book.

  10. Bev says:

    Anyone But Richby Penelope Bloom As a brilliant writer Penelope Bloom has created a new niche in Romance with her unique brand of humor It s Rom com in a book Anyone but Rich, is the first in a new trilogy dealing with the King brothers We meet Rich, Cade and Nick as they come home after being gone for several years While gone they made their mark on the Silicon Valley, are mega rich, gorgeous and famous But, they want to head back to their roots Back in West Valley, a small rural town in North Carolina 3 best friends Nicole, Miranda and Iris were once again making a pledge after the first one seven years ago, to not date a King But, that s easier said than done, because Rich is on the way to apologize for what he did seven years ago to Nicole Along with that comes conspiracy s, cover ups, blackmail and the most hilarious bantering that will have you laughing out loud The storyline is well plotted, the suspense will hold you and you won t be able to put the book down Each character is defined and bring their own wackiness and unsuspected surprises I absolutely enjoyed this book and look forward to the next two I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Netgalley