Blood Communion

[BOOKS] ✫ Blood Communion  Author Anne Rice –
  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Blood Communion
  • Anne Rice
  • 12 July 2018
  • 9780525433927

About the Author: Anne Rice

The Vampire Chronicles, her prevailing thematical focus is on love, death, immortality, existentialism, and the human condition She was married to poet

Blood Communion The Vampire Chronicles Continue With A Riveting, Rich Saga Part Adventure, Part Suspense Of Prince Lestat And The Story Of The Blood Communion As He Tells The Tale Of His Coming To Rule The Vampire World And The Eternal Struggle To Find Belonging, A Place In The Universe For The Undead, And How, Against His Will, He Must Battle The Menacing, Seemingly Unstoppable Force Determined To Thwart His Vision And Destroy The Entire Vampire Netherworld In This Spellbinding Novel, Lestat, Rebel Outlaw, Addresses The Tribe Of Vampires, Directly, Intimately, And Passionately, Telling The Mesmerizing Story Of The Formation Of The Blood Communion And How He Became Prince Of The Vampire World, The True Ruler Of This Vast Realm, And How His Vision For All The Children Of The Universe To Thrive As One Came To Be The Story Spills From Lestat S Heart, As He Speaks First Of His New Existence As Reigning Monarch And Then Of His Fierce Battle Of Wits And Words With The Mysterious Rhoshamandes, Proud Child Of The Millennia, Reviled Outcast For His Senseless Slaughter Of The Legendary Ancient Vampire Maharet, Avowed Enemy Of Queen Akasha As The Tale Unfolds, Lestat Takes Us From The Towers And Battlements Of His Ancestral Castle In The Snow Covered Mountains Of France To The Verdant Wilds Of Lush Louisiana With Its Lingering Fragrances Of Magnolias And Night Jasmine From The Far Reaches Of The Pacific S Untouched Islands To The Th Century City Of St Petersburg And The Court Of The Empress Catherine Ultimately, Lestat Will Have To Determine How To Deal With Rhoshamandes, Who Refuses To Live In Harmony At Court And Threatens All Lestat Has Dreamt Of

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10 thoughts on “Blood Communion

  1. Tammy says:

    Lacking that certain bite, the Brat Prince is back The Vampire Chronicles are becoming a bit long in the tooth to be truly entertaining.

  2. Jenna says:

    Oh, what to say, what to say I am so torn by this latest installation of Lestat s antics, don t know how I really feel about it Don t get me wrong, the writing is beautiful, pure and classic Anne Rice Anyone who loves her writing style will be delighted with this book I think perhaps my reading preferences have changed, think I have changed I m just not feeling the love any That really bothers me I have loved Anne Rice since I first read Interview with the Vampire 25 years ago, have eagerly awaited and pre purchased each and every new novel This is the first I have not pre purchased but instead waited for a library copy and oh I feel so guilty over that Can anyone relate to the loss of love for a series or author Is it just me surely it is not who has fallen out of love with an author I m still intrigued by Lestat and all the other characters Anne Rice has so lovingly and meticulously created over the years I still care about them However, I no longer find myself craving to know and and no longer have the patience to wade through all the poetic sentiment and flowery descriptions that Anne does so well I feel a little as though I m grieving for a lost love Times change though, and hopefully we as individuals do too For this reason, I never re read a book, no matter how much I loved it Indeed, the I love a book, the reason I have not to re read it I don t want to read again and find it doesn t quite mean the same thing or that it has lost some of its luster To be sure, we might re read beloved books and find even deeper layers of meaning, have an even larger appreciation, care about the characters even However, that is not assured, and I just don t want to fall out of love with a book I cherished.So for this reason, perhaps I should have stopped reading Anne Rice a couple of books back when I noticed I was getting a bit impatient with them Instead, like an addict, I continued to devour every book and every word, searching and longing for that old rush, that old high I would get when reading her books Alas, it now evades me, my blood no longer courses faster and faster through my veins with each word, my brain no longer drenched with endorphins at the mere sight of her books I have fallen out of love.As for the book itself, anyone who still loves Anne Rice ah, how I envy you will no doubt love this book Lestat is back, perhaps better and mature in many ways Most of the characters we know and love from previous books are included in this one, and there are a few new vampires as well There is beauty and gore, passion and horror, love and hate There is opulence everywhere you turn, the vampires life one of such extravagance I found it a bit slow going and description than action However, I think that has always been true of Anne s books, and one of the reasons I loved her so in the past I loved and submerged myself in the depth of emotions, in the life that these who were not alive still felt It s difficult to decide whether to give this a 4 or 5 stars How much did I like it Merely, sadly, only a 3 However, it deserves a higher rating and I could never give Anne less than a 4 She is as ever, a brilliant writer If you love her, you will not be disappointed with this book, except perhaps that it s rather short at only 256 pages You might be left feeling hungry for .

  3. Sh3lly ( says:

    Ah, vampires What can I say I read this in 24 hours it s short I m a sucker for vampires I have actually kind of liked these last few Prince Lestat books Yes, Anne Rice goes on a bit too much about the vampires outfits and the houses and furniture and art they love they are all super sophisticated, but we all knew that.So here Lestat has succeeded in bringing all the ancients and the fledglings under one humongous restored castle the place in France where he grew up, only with like a billion dollars to renovate.Louis, Marius, Armand, Pandora, Gregory, David Talbot, Jessie, Lestat s Mom, Sevraine, and all the new ones are back We meet some new ones I am intrigued The villain from the previous book is back and batshit crazy Nothing really surprising happens, but I ll allow it.I actually found this very entertaining and it definitely satisfied my Lestat and crew slash vampire fix I m not sure how to explain this, but the adoration and worship of Lestat now is a bit too precious for me I get that they have evolved and are trying to love one another instead of be vampire hermits or rogues, killing the young This is definitely a emotional Vampire Chronicles But I kind of got tired reading over and over how wonderful and amazing Lestat is Lestat is, to be honest, a special snowflake, but you know what I don t even care Of course he runs off to save the day, because Lestat What can I say Nostalgia.

  4. Fabian says:

    Indeed, it s right there on the cover, A tale of Prince Lestat Yeah, the whole vampire kingdom faces annihilation again which makes me recall the fabulous Queen of the Damned and we revisit the coterie that we ve come to love and almost forget And the entire thing is an encyclopedia of what s occurred thus far in the series such as the Atlantis People one assumes from the previous Rice novel, Prince Lestat the Realms of Atlantis , one anecdote to jot inside the Terrible Historie des Vampires Just a jot, not a story, or an epic of the Chronicles No One thing occurs the apex of the tale is misplaced, the climax arrives very early and that s it Wake me from my eternal slumber once something fun and befalls Lestat Co.

  5. Devann says:

    I don t know what s worse, that Anne Rice keeps consistently writing the worst book I ve ever read or that I keep reading them even though I KNOW what I m getting into Well, I think she finally broke me with this one I don t know if she s planning on continuing the Vampire Chronicles further please just let it die , but if she does I genuinely don t think I can read it at this point I know I know, I got through the fucking bird aliens book but THIS one broke me Well, read on I did a pretty in depth liveblog over on Tumblr when I was first reading this 1 2 3 4 so head over there if you want to see my chapter by chapter reactions but I m just gonna try to put together a condensed review here Basic summary All the racism and sexism you expect from an Anne Rice book but now with the added bonus of at least half the page space being devoted to recapping shit you already know As if people are literally just starting this series now As if anyone still bothering to put up with this who are not people who basically have the entire series memorized and probably know about it than Anne herself at this point Be ready for plenty of rambling about stuff that has no relevance to anything even mildly masquerading as a plot point Also be ready for the plot to flit in shortly about halfway through and then flit back out again so they can have a ball or something.Also Lestat doesn t WANT to kill people, no matter what he has done in the recent past or will do in the near future Really, it s totally not his fault and we should feel sorry for him even though he s literally in charge of everything at this point He has to kill all these random vampires because reasons People sit around and talk about things that have already happened instead of showing any action on the page There are 500 characters with 500 new powers and 500 unrelated plotlines Also Lestat is the only one who can do X thing even though he actually totally isn t Gary Stu powers activate Just when we thought we were finally done let s introduce even characters in the very last chapter yikesMy hot take The creation of this stupid vampire court is literally the worst thing to have ever happened to this series The absolute best explanation of this whole new trilogy that I have seen was by goth mabel on Tumblr who called the whole thing an absolute monarchy run by rapists and I ve never read anything accurate in my life Not only has Anne ruined her main character by refusing to acknowledge his many many flaws, but she s taken literally all the fun out of being a vampire I m not reading a vampire book to read about bullshit bureaucracy All the vampires lives at Lestat s stupid castle where he burns their clothes and dresses them up in Lestat Approved Fashions TM Villains are anyone who doesn t fawn all over him and do exactly what he wants all the time The regular classist and racist justifications for killing random vampires that are just so par for the course in this series that I honestly can t bring myself to spend time going over them all in detail but rest assured they re still there.Oh and he makes a lot of the younger vampires into servants in the castle and makes them wear uniforms and call him sir I shit you not There s one woman who just follows him around and keeps brushing his hair And they give him a throne to sit on and a ring that everyone can kiss Barf You know what my idea of hell is Spending eternity brushing your hair and doing your goddamn taxes, Lestat Literally what is the point of being immortal if you re still in the same shitty situation you were in during life basically Remember the last time they made a coven and it was just them hanging out on an island sized shopping mall So much relatable.Lestat spends the whole book going on about how wrong it would be to keep humans in the dungeons for them to feed on and then they re like well let s do it though and then he s just like OKAY I mean I know this is a series about vampires so you kind of HAVE to do some hand wavey bullshit with like being okay with them being killers and all But there is SUCH a difference between I went out and killed this dude relatively quickly because I need his blood to live and we are keeping live people locked up in our dungeon indefinitely so we can continuously feed off them.Like this would almost be brilliant if she was TRYING to turn Lestat into the very thing he hated back when he was human a young vampire but she HAS NO IDEA AND THINKS ALL HIS BAD CHOICES ARE TOTALLY JUSTIFIED It s incredible I used to love Lestat so much and now I just wish he would die Like the whole brat prince thing was never supposed to actually turn into him being given any kind of political power He s not fun if he literally IS the establishment Anne Rice s crusty old ass sitting here writing this book like what are kids into today the monarchy public executions So relatable, Anne All I could think of when he started keeping humans in the dungeons was Lestat freaking out over all the bodies in Magnus dungeon back when he was made Give me that Lestat back In conclusion Itwas both slightly better than the last book less bird aliens, half the length and also infinitely worse Anne is entirely out of touch with reality, all this monarchy bullshit, characters we like get no page time, literally everything fun about immortality has been stripped away in favor of the same bullshit bureaucracy we all hate so much in the mortal world, Anne could not structure a coherent plot to save her life If there is another one I genuinely don t think I can read it I know it seems over dramatic but she has genuinely taken every single piece of fun and magic out of this world and it s just awful Usually I can see how someone would like a book even if I rate it low but I am genuinely baffled that anyone enjoys this shit.

  6. Erin Clemence says:

    Anne Rice is back with Blood Communion A Tale of Prince Lestat , her most recent novel in the Vampire Lestat series As a huge fan of Anne Rice and the Vampire prince, I have been awaiting this novel for months, and of course, as usual, I was not disappointed Lestat is now the reigning prince of what he calls the Blood Communion , blood drinkers young and old who are loyal to him When one of his own threatens his and his followers existence, Lestat must go against what he has promised and prepare to fight Rhoshamandes Lestat continues to grow in favour among the vampires, and is worshipped and adored everywhere he goes As he tries to accept this new position, Lestat regales his court with stories of how he came to be, and reflects on his past In Blood Communion , we are re introduced to many of the original characters from Chronicles Louis, Marius, Armand, even Jesse and David Through his narration, Lestat reminds us of the pertinent facts from the other novels, both necessary and convenient after so many years Rice spans the globe through Lestat as he tells of his travels, and we are soon in France, than New Orleans, and then eighteenth century St Petersburg, detailing the beautiful settings that have made her novels so enjoyable Although there are many characters in this novel, they are familiar and comforting and as each character is re introduced, their storyline is added to, rebuilding the connections with the reader It is a challenge to accept the version of Lestat that has been presented in the last few Lestat novels Gone is the arrogant, self centred rock star who taunted his peers to reveal their identity Now a human loving, pacifist is in his place, one full of love for all kinds and desperate to live in a world of peace I suppose we all grow with age, but I do miss the rebel rock star Lestat a little The new Lestat novels are a must read for fans of Rice s Vampire Chronicle s Beautifully told through Rice s powerful descriptive language and breathtaking settings, this novel brings some hope and peace into the vampire and human world as they continue to co exist under Lestat s leadership The Queen of Vampires is back, and I am so thrilled to see her creative talent at work once again Lestat has changed so much over the years and I am anxious to see where he will lead us next.

  7. Lindsey says:

    I will always defend Anne Rice She s made questionable choices over the years but her initial vampire books still mean so much to me, and I will always jump at the chance to read her ARCs.In this book, Lestat, now the prince of the vampires, is settling into his role It s a difficult one for him because he s rebellious by nature, but his title means he is guarded at every moment and advised read nagged by elders on matters he would rather ignore Still, he must do what is best for his Court, which means facing the vampires that threaten its stability Among these are Arjun Pandora s abusive progeny , Rhoshamandes I had high hopes for him and Benedict , and Baudwin, a bitter fiend who claims to descend from the legendary Gundesanth The jury is still out on whether Gundesanth, who appears later and goes by Santh, is actually as good as he appears I kept expecting him to turn on Lestat, and I m still not convinced by him I took a number of notes as I read this book, so here they are There is a glut of vampires I can barely keep track of them I d adjusted to the vampires introduced in Prince Lestat, some even intrigued me, but keep coming I m not sure it s necessary to bring all of them to Court, and I find it hard to believe that they can possibly maintain discretion with that many vampires partying all the time It seems like every vampire under the sun ha is at Court except Daniel Where the hell is Daniel Molloy He appeared in Prince Lestat but I don t think he was even mentioned in this book, and I can t remember if he made an appearance in Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis Daniel is a fan favorite so I find his absence pretty troubling The book is very talky I miss Anne s lush descriptions I still can t bring myself to care about Benji and Sybelle I also don t care about the Replimoids the creatures from Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis and I find it incredibly fucked up that they seem content to enslave their own clones Kapetria dressed it up prettily and swore they put a stop to the kind of cloning that produces mindless, subservient beings cloning from clones , but even she admitted that her curiosity would get the better of her eventually It s clear that the Replimoids will keep doing whatever they want Armand begged Lestat to destroy them, for the sake of humanity, but nothing really came of that discussion I guess the jury is out on them, too I m pretty sad that Rhosh and Benedict have already left us I found them fascinating and I wanted of their history Maybe I just have a thing for sweet monks On the other hand, Benedict s suicide was so deliciously dark I m used to Anne s vampires committing themselves to the sun or the flames Offering his blood to the coven, plucking out his eyes, requesting kettledrums and the Dies irae it was all so ancient and sacrificial I loved it I still think Benedict was gone too soon, though I liked the violence in this book, which is something you won t hear me say often The destruction of Rhosh was so brutal, and the image of Louis, Gabrielle and Marius with their heads twisted completely around took me by surprise Anne really lingered over those gory details like she did in the older books The violent nature of her vampires juxtaposed with their humanity and their passion is one of the reasons why I love this series so much Man, these vampires spend a lot of money They re perfect capitalists They re also constantly dancing Armand claims to love Lestat than anyone That kind of hurts my heart I adore Marius and Armand, and Daniel and Armand I don t know that I believe him I want to know about Notker and his alpine boy choir Come on, why haven t we gotten his story yet Why would Lestat agree to keep mortal victims in his dungeon Sure, they re evildoers, they re treated well, and Lestat isn t exactly a paragon of morality, but wouldn t he encourage the hunt It seems to me that this practice will make the new crop of young vampires lazy.The book felt slightly unfinished to me, perhaps because I have so many questions, and there are so many characters she hasn t explored in detail, but I still tore through it Anne s writing just compels me One night I read a hundred pages I wanted from this book but I still liked it More than anything, I m buzzing with anticipation over the upcoming Vampire Lestat TV series.

  8. Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows) says:

    It s been a LONG time since I ve read Anne Rice Years decades even I ve always been a fan so was excited to get my hands on her latest, Blood Communion At less than 300 pages, this is considerably shorter than most of her books so was a quick read The first few chapters summarizes what you may have missed up to this point this is book 13 in the Vampire Chronicles after all I did enjoy this since, as I said, it s been really long since I ve been in this world.What I found interesting with this story was that there was dialogue and less vivid descriptions as I m used to getting from Rice There is still that standard luscious violence that happens and the kinship between the majority of the vampires to survive while still having to manage and almost police their own kind So many questions as to why some things were happening in this book and good lord, if we didn t have enough vampires to try and remember, here s a hundred However, I did notice at the back of the ARC that there is an appendix to list the vampires and places so that would ve been helpful I think though to be quite honest, I m one of the people that rarely reference these types of things in books.The Blood Communion the community of vampires that deal with their uniqueness but still have the human tendencies of loyalty, love and camaraderie and all the issues pertained to these fallible qualities.It was definitely nice to be back with Lestat and in this vampiric world It didn t quite hit me with sharp enough fangs as I would have liked but with the new Lestat tv series coming up, I m glad I was able to read about his journey and growth although, I do think my time reading these chronicles just may be up EEP Devoted fans will power through and love this one.

  9. Elise Pool says:

    2.5 starsIt was better than Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis but it still wasn t good I genuinely hope that this is the last book in the chronicles because Anne has clearly run out of ideas, and it s time that she just quits, you can t continue forever you knowThis book basically has the same plot as Prince Lestat and also Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis There is a threat and Lestat and his endless group of people in the court have to find a solution Every complaint I had with the previous book still stands, the books never will go back to that amazing Gothic writing that the first books had, now Rice opts for endless discriptions of clothing and what people look like, this time paired with pages and pages filled with describing a ballroom dance I also found the whole message of Lestat loving everyone very repetivive and I would never describe him as having that characteristic at all if you go back to previous books Not only Lestat s personality has changed a lot throughout the 3 most recent books, a lot of the characters that we know well have changed significantly in the way they act, and it doesn t fit with the personalities that we have grown to know them having She pulled the same trick which she did at the end of Memnoch and then getting into The Vampire Armand This was done very unconvincingly and I never felt any emotion over the things that were supposed to be emotional because I knew that we were being lied to If you want to know what I m referring to, read the text with the which is at the end of this review, it s a spoiler I think that Rice would have been much braver actually deciding to go the dark route, but she didn t, and I think it s purely because she would get a lot of hate from long time readers who don t agree with her decisions It s all about making money anyways Some random things that I didn t like Vampires suddenly become weak when there s a lot of iron around Why introduce this in book 13 That didn t at all work for the believability of some things that happened in this book Random people like Barbara and that architect guy I already forgot his name and I finished the book not even an hour ago being treated as if they are miracles, but we as readers couldn t care less about them How believable is it that a village of people would not notice that there are 2000 immortals gathered in a castle on a mountain Rice tried to make things right, but this book was full of things we ve already read before, so you can t get any improvement that way It was just nothing special.SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS We are made to believe Louis, Gabrielle and Marius got killed by Roshamandes but it s done so badly that I sensed from the first moment that they were presumed dead, that it was all just fake.

  10. Paul says:

    problem for Anne rice is she opened with a bang interview was a bestseller upon publication and the 2 follow ups may have been as well maybe that s why Anne rice tried to return to her roots as a relatively short focused story yet she couldn t resist overpopulation of characters