The Wonder of Now (Sanctuary Sound, #3)

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 314 pages
  • The Wonder of Now (Sanctuary Sound, #3)
  • Jamie Beck
  • 14 November 2019

About the Author: Jamie Beck

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The Wonder of Now (Sanctuary Sound, #3) Moving On Has Never Been Harder Or So Perfectly Unpredictable Peyton Prescott Would Give Anything For The Carefree Life She Knew Before Breast Cancer Changed Everything But Instead Of Using Her Second Chance To Move Forward, She S Stuck Promoting The Memoir Her Brother Convinced Her To Write, Thus Reliving The Very Battle She Wants To Forget If She Hopes Her European Book Tour Will Allow Her To Enjoy Revisiting Her Favorite Travel Writing Destinations, She S Wrong Her PR Whiz Is Too Consumed With His Own Goals To Consider Her NeedsMitch Mathis Has Relied On Discipline To Achieve His Goals, And With His New Firm S Success Riding On Peyton S Book Launch, He Must Keep Her On Task They Re Here For Business, Not Pleasure And Mitch Won T Let Unbridled Desire Harm His Professional Reputation Not AgainWhen Frustrated Expectations And Attraction Throw The Tour Into Chaos, It Challenges Everything Mitch And Peyton Believe About Themselves, Life, And Love, Forcing These Opposites To Consider Whether They Can Embrace The Change They Need To Grow

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10 thoughts on “The Wonder of Now (Sanctuary Sound, #3)

  1. Pelusa Rivera says:

    Prepare yourself for heartbreaking and eventually heartwarming story We have Peyton who wrote a book documenting how she dealt with her breast cancer, wow that part is poignant Mitchell her publicist decides to come along with her and as he is spending time with her and learning what she went thru and what she is afraid of starts having feelings for her and these two need to heal and go thru their demons in order for them to truly be able to be together Truly emotional showing a good author to have us feel it.Rcvd and ARC at no cost to author. netgalley Voluntarily reviewed with my own thoughts and opinions

  2. ROBIN RUIZ says:

    This is the 3rd book in the sanctuary sound series and I couldn t wait for Peyton s story.We have learned about her and her journey through the previous book and I couldn t wait to hear her stories from her I was unprepared for all the emotions this book revealed Peyton has just completed treatment for breast cancer Her road to remission was captured in photographs by her brother , added in with her notes and interactions with other patients and turned into a memoir Peyton would like to not relive this time in her life over and over but she is to travel with Mitch ,the publishers PR man aka eye candy , to handle and help her navigate her European book tour ,even though there is attraction there, neither one is ready to admit.Peyton is one to be admired, her strength, honesty and struggle was a great read There is a definite message of slowing down and smelling the roses.Jamie Beck has written this book with her entire soul pouring out in the pages I not only loved all the characters , I also felt like I just returned from a trip abroad I do not want this series to end

  3. M. Nguyen says:

    I ve requested and granted the ARC from NetGalley This series is about a Lilac Lane League, a trio of best girlfriends, who have gone through so much in their lives, heartbreaks, tragedies, financial hardship, betrayals, and sickness This book is a romance between Peyton Prescott, a woman who grew up with a silver spoon, a trust fund baby with a literary legendary great grandfather, and Mitchell Mathis, a hardworking, determined and responsible publisher who grew up in a complete opposite environment from Peyton.Peyton went through a double mastectomy following her breast cancer diagnosis Her brother Logan had convinced her to write a memoir while he documented her journey via photographs book 2 The Promise of Us was about Logan and Peyton s childhood friend Claire This book took us through the book tour in Europe and US that Peyton went on to promote her book, together with her publisher Mitch And that s how they got to know each other at both professional and personal levels My heart went out to Peyton Her story gave me a great sense of the rough paths cancer survivors had to go through Her inner thoughts and feelings before, during, and after cancer treatment, how cancer had changed her, her insecurities, her constant worries of the future, her strength and vulnerabilities, her sacrifices for those she loved, her compassion to help others who were dealing with the same struggles Everything about Peyton felt so real and her stories were heartbreaking and emotional Even after all she has gone through, yet she s tried to look for silver linings in everything in her life Mitch was the man of honor who took on the role of the father figure in his family While he realized their upbringings were two worlds apart, he found something deep and familiar in Peyton, a smart, passionate, caring and loving woman After getting on the wrong footing in the beginning of the tour, they ve compromised and slowly developed strong feelings for each other She learned to be responsible and understanding while he learned to live the moments and enjoy himself.Jamie Beck s characters have always been real and relatable, and I ve always loved her beautiful, sweet, and gentle style The Sanctuary Sound series particularly highlights the strong women who overcome life tragedies with undying support from their partners, friends and families I really enjoyed revisiting the previous couples Steffi Ryan and Claire Logan It was not heavy on the sex scene, yet it was lovely and tender, and you can feel the emotions from both characters I love this book so much and relate to it personally my mother is a breast cancer survivor Highly recommended

  4. Irene says:

    4.5 stars

  5. Kristin says:

    I have enjoyed all of Jamie Beck s books so far, and this one surely didn t disappoint A very raw, real story that keeps the reader wanting .

  6. Katie says:

    I ve been waiting for this book for a while, I m a big Jamie Beck fan and have throughly enjoyed the Sanctuary Sound series and so needless to say I was looking forward to Peyton s story Peyton has written a memoir documenting her journey with breast cancer Now she has to relive the memories and experience as she starts her book tour Mitchell, her publicist comes along with her and as she opens up and faces her fears, the pull he has towards her only grows stronger Both have trauma that they need to overcome and healing that has to take place before they can really even try to be together This book was emotional for me than the other two It was difficult watching Peyton not only relive her cancer journey but also forgive herself for the mistakes she has made in the past Based on what has happened in the previous books I felt that Peyton remained true to how she had been portrayed Strong on the outside, but shaken and scared on the inside Because Mitchell has also had great grief in his life he was able to reach her in a way that others couldn t I loved that he stood up for her and by her when she needed him, but also he brought out of her a strength she didn t know she had Forgiveness for others can be easy, but it s often harder to forgive ourselves as Peyton discovers But once she lets go, she becomes free again to be who she truly is A wonderful ending to a very delightful series that has dealt with some very serious issues and situations using dignity, grace and humor.

  7. Sandy says:

    This is the final book in the Sanctuary Sound trilogy It s sort of a standalone, but it would really be smart to read the first two first so that you can better understand the interrelationships between the female lead character and her friends This is Peyton s story, about her journey with breast cancer Her brother Logan decides to make a pictorial memoir of her experiences, and this book covers the book promotion tour, first in Europe and then in the States She undertakes the first part alone, with just the publisher, Mitch He is at first extremely stand offish but totally overwhelmed by Peyton, who comes from a totally different background and social strata she works hard to get him to loosen up and then when he tells her of his background and his experience with his father s cancer, all of the barriers fall except the one where she doesn t feel worthy of a man all due to an ex who left her the day she was diagnosed An ex who d been seriously dating her best friend, and soon to be sister in law Claire, at the same time Yeah, just a bit messed up, right This story seemed very realistic to me All the emotions are there, and despite her upbringing Peyton is a real person.I received an ARC for an honest review.

  8. Peg says:

    4.5 starsThe Wonder of Now is a well written, emotional story, about grief, loss, forgiveness, and living life to the fullest Peyton hasn t felt like her carefree self since she was diagnosed with breast cancer Her brother, Logan, has always been her champion and coach So when Logan encouraged Peyton to work through her feelings by writing a memoir, she reluctantly did so Once the book was completed, however, Peyton wasn t exactly keen, on promoting it and verbalizing her many, painful experiences There was a silver lining, though, and that came in the form of a handsome publicist Mitch not only accompanied Peyton to all of her book signings, he lifted her spirits and became than a friend.Mitch was harboring a secret, however, and felt, at least in part, that it was affecting his ability to represent Peyton Could their fragile, new relationship survive a lie or two He wasn t so sure it could.The Wonder of Now is a gripping novel with realistic characters, raw emotion, and heartfelt dialogue I was captivated from the very first page.Thank you, Montlake Romance and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  9. Susan McClintock says:

    This is the third in the Lilac Lane League series of books that centers around lifelong friends Steffi, Claire and Peyton All three women are dealing with the ramifications of a traumatic physical event and moving on with their life We met Peyton in book one and she had caused a rift between the friends when she ran off with Claire s fianc Todd When Peyton was diagnosed with breast cancer, Todd dumped her During her treatments, she and her photographer brother Logan put together a book of her journey She is now going on a European book tour with Mitch Mathis, the PR rep for her book He is a starting a new PR firm and ensuring Peyton s book is a successes important Getting involved with his client is not on his agenda, unfortunately their mutual attraction messes with his plan Both Mitch and Peyton have a lot of issues they have to work through, but the payoff was worth it This book deals with a lot of tough subjects, cancer, betrayal and forgiveness, and does it so well This was a great conclusion to an interesting series I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.

  10. Pam says:

    The Wonder of Now is book three in the Sanctuary Sound series but it is completely self contained You won t be lost if you don t read the first two books but you will miss some subtle nuances This is Peyton s book about her journey to survive breast cancer, find her way back into the circle of friends how to embrace tomorrow instead of living in the past Ms Beck has managed yet again to take a subject that could turn a story dark bring it up to the light She shows Peyton coming to terms with her life, disease, old new romance the future This is a story that will cause you to embrace life your future I loved be the way Logan encourages Peyton to embrace the changes in her life appearance and put it on paper It took courage for Peyton to move past her vanity to show the horror of her battle Mitchell has his own issues to get past, although they aren t as complex as Peyton s I enjoyed that in the course of the press tour they were each able to grow see the other s side This was a true joy to read.