Little Blue Whistle

[EPUB] ✾ Little Blue Whistle  ❃ Mark Lages –
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Little Blue Whistle
  • Mark Lages
  • 23 March 2017
  • 9781546269304

About the Author: Mark Lages

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Little Blue Whistle Robert Ashcroft Is A Sixty Three Year Old Retired Car Salesman Who Has Just Moved With His Wife, Veronica, From Southern California To South Carolina He Learns Just A Week Before Thanksgiving That His Thirty Year Old Son, Paul, Is Gay Paul Is Coming To Visit For The Holiday, And He Is Bringing Along His Boyfriend With Him Robert Has One Week To Come To Terms With His Son S Sexuality And To Prepare Himself For The Visit Little Blue Whistle Is An Entertaining Rollercoaster Ride Of Dreams, Memories, And Subsequent Insights Into Fathers, Sons, And Our Brave New World

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10 thoughts on “Little Blue Whistle

  1. Rebecca McNutt says:

    Little Blue Whistle reminded me of two excellent films Big Fish and Forrest Gump Its easygoing, mellow writing style works as both a deeply evocative channel for a story about family, and a poignant book about how difficult and rewarding at the same time it is to be a father The book covers heavy issues without being too heavy handed, and highlights the value of acceptance, understanding and love as the glue holding a family together For Mr Robert Ashcroft, the main character, he finds himself conflicted when his son, Paul, comes out as gay to him shortly after Robert and his wife have completed a move to a new home The Paul I dreamed about was no sissy This Paul was an expert at catching frogs, lizards, and grasshoppers, and he d bring them into the house, causing poor Veronica to stand up on the beds and scream for her life my Paul would love to play sports Doesn t every all American kid love sports Now I keep telling myself over and over, Paul is gay Paul is gay Paul is gay It makes no sense to me Does it make any sense to you It s like mixing blue and yellow paints and coming up with orange Robert isn t necessarily homophobic, but this new revelation has seemingly shattered any dream he had for his son at growing up to be a real man At times he could rival Archie Bunker from All in the Family with his thoughts on his son, but he s a complicated character who has no ill intent, and his conflicted feelings lead him down a complex road trying to understand what is happening Throughout the novel readers are given glimpses of the past, at the life which the Ashcrofts had built for themselves, a normal American family in virtually every way As much as this is a book about Robert learning to accept and love Paul for who he is, Little Blue Whistle is also a book about the relationship with his beloved wife, Veronica, and all they ve been through together The love between these two characters feels real and definitely honest they have their troubles but ultimately they truly care about each other.Ultimately Robert has to come to terms with Paul being gay before Thanksgiving, when he ll be introducing his love interest at dinner What follows is both very emotional and incredibly powerful writing A lot of great lessons can be learned from Little Blue Whistle, and different readers will probably perceive it differently depending on how they view the characters, but regardless it s both an unforgettable book and a life changing read As it proves, to love a person takes much than tolerance It also takes admiration, and Robert admires his son and his family than he s ready to admit at first.

  2. Patricia says:

    LITTLE BLUE WHISTLE is an interesting read concerning a 63 year old father coming to terms with the fact that his son is gay The only problem I had with this novel was all of the side stories which felt like a diversion to me.

  3. Tami Bussing says:

    Mark Lages has a great sublime way of weaving stories within stories Little Blue Whistle journeys a man through stories of his past, his family s past, his son s past, to a profound reckoning in gaining courage for the near future It s philosophic, intelligent and insightful all with a casual breeze A wonderful read

  4. Susan Bennett says:

    Everyone needs a little blue whistle to help them through tricky spots in life This book is about a father who has to adjust his own personal dreams and expectations for his son when his son tells him that he is gay In addition to coming to terms with that revelation, Robert the father has to feel comfortable enough with this forced change of perspective by Thanksgiving dinner when he will be introduced to his son s love interest By analyzing his dreams and remembrances of the past, Robert is changed enough to feel prepared for the future as a loving father of a gay son.

  5. Beagle Lover (Avid Reader) says:

    4 stars Mr Lages manages to paint a most vivid and honestly detailed book based on many stories within the book to explain how the protagonist deals with the admission of his son admitting he is gay He wonders if things he did in the past effected his son sexuality in the present through amazingly vibrant recollections of incidents in his own past as well as the past of his son, Paul The quandary Paul s coming out puts the MC in is one that he questions his actions in raising his son, the choices his son made and various other factors that could have led to Paul admitting his homosexuality The MC goes through self doubt, memories that lead him to question his ability as a nurturing father and if he and his wife had done something wrong while raising their son And when Paul calls and states that he and his boyfriend, Terrance, are coming home for Thanksgiving in a week, the anxiety level for the father skyrockets How to deal with this visit Accept Paul for who he is now or outright reject the lifestyle he has chosen Mr Lages is indeed a brilliant writer, painting a wonderful dilemma that shakes the MC to the core Did he miss certain signs that Paul was gay early in his teens or was Paul s new sexuality not his fault at all Through a masterful collection of recollections from both the MC s and Paul s past and present, the protagonist finally arrives at a decision when he picks up his son and boyfriend at the airport His decision Ahyou ll have to read the book And enjoy some trips down memory lane, if you will One thing of note that irked this reader was numerous grammatical and punctuation editing errors Nothing turns my face red that a poorly edited book This factor alone usually counts for 50% of my rating and did indeed prevent me from rating this book higher Missing words, incorrect punctuation and grammatical errors just totally put me off reading a book for a few hours I admit I am not perfect in typing my reviews, but I do not have the advantage of an editor, either.

  6. Linda McCutcheon says:

    There is so much I want to say about this book but I know as a reader you want to know the gist of why I rated it 5 stars If I could I would rate it 10 stars Think of that book you read as a teen or maybe college student that stopped you in your tracks That you realized when you finished it you would not be done with it You would give it others to read because you needed to talk about it You needed to share it so others could feel the way you did when it was over that the author took you on a journey that led to tears streaming down your face as you slowly closed the book with a slight smile.Everything you need to know about this book is in the first paragraph of the first chapter Robert s son Paul is coming home for Thanksgiving with his boyfriend Terrance who Robert has never met He has never met him because he never knew his adult son was gay until he got the phone call about visiting for Thanksgiving He now has seven days before Paul comes home to deal with this unprecedented news Right in the opening paragraph we learn Robert is not happy about this news and he feels Paul has been selfish springing this life altering news on him Right from the beginning we learn this story is not about Paul s journey of self discovery but about Robert s journey of not just self discovery but of grief for the life he thought his son had been living up til now.No matter your personal views on the gay community you come to realize in the book that it is not a political issue or a religious issue It is a family issue Some chapters might be upsetting because they are so honest in how Robert is genuinely hurt by his son s coming out Please keep reading Whether you are for or against this issue I think you will recognize yourself being represented in at least one chapter and maybe understand how someone feels who has a different view.The title may seem strange for the subject of the book but once you read it you realize how it is a perfect title This is the fourth book I have read by Mark Lages and he never disappoints I usually give away my copy of his books to relatives and friends after I read them but I highlighted so many passages in my copy of this book that this time I am buying copies to give to friends as presents Some of my favorite books were gifts that I treasured and that is how I feel about Little Blue Whistle I think it s a must read for everyone.

  7. Chris says:

    I would have to say that this book is like nothing I have ever read before In saying this I do have to admit that I have never read any books about a father trying to develop an understanding of his son s announcement of being gay or even a book about anyone telling the world that they are gay The perspective of Robert the father is so well written that I found my emotions bouncing from being proud of his deep love for his son, to wanting to put the book down because I was so angry at what he was thinking The honest thoughts and beliefs of a man that is in his sixties and grew up before there was a Will and Grace on primetime TV can be shocking But to be honest myself, his views are something that I can tell you I have heard from many of the men I know from his generation To start down the road of understanding one must first take a look deep within one s own heart Little Blue Whistle is a solidly written novel of a father taking the first step of truly getting to know his son and love him as any father should love a son.

  8. Michael says:

    Shortly after moving to South Carolina from California a couple get a call from their son informing them he is gay He is also going to visit and bring his partner Only one week until his son arrives and the father is trying to figure out how to handle there arrival I love the flashbacks to the fathers childhood and also the raising of their son So many of the experiences just put such a real and personal touch on the story There is so much feeling and emotion woven into this story The author has done a fantastic job of presenting a sometimes difficult subject The ending is very touching As to the title Little Blue Whistle I will leave it to you to discover the meaning of that It is a very important part of the story.

  9. Sharon says:

    A truly engaging and satisfying story that strongly reflects the imagination of its Author From it s beginning to it s end this book will provide readers a pleasant tale full of dreams, hopes and everyday life experiences Mr Lages has done it again, his writing does not disappoint Recommended 4.5 star read.

  10. Lyn says:

    This book reminded me of the very first of Lages s books that I read, The Church of the Divine Duck I can t really explain why it did, as they re very different books, just that it did, and I enjoyed it quite a lot, as usual.It was, in a way, simpler than some of Lages s other books not to say that the journey to accepting that your child is gay when you ve spent your whole life thinking that homosexuality is wrong, just that there were no detailed or complicated explanations required to help the reader understand the points Lages was trying to make about a certain topic Instead, there were dreams and memories from Robert, to help you understand the way that he was taught to view homosexuality, and why he couldn t immediately accept that his son was gay As someone who has grown up where homosexuality is not necessarily 100% accepted, but is at least pretty common, it was interesting to see some stories about why older folks don t approve of it And the ending of this one was unexpectedly sweet, so that was great