Read ✓ Milk  By M.J. Meads –
  • Paperback
  • 284 pages
  • Milk
  • M.J. Meads
  • 07 September 2019
  • 9781508448877

About the Author: M.J. Meads

MJ Meads is the author of Milk and the award winning short story Salvation MJ is a keen student of the human condition and attempts to create literary works that seek to highlight changing public perception and the prevailing discourse on morality, ethics and social acceptability.

Milk After The Passing Of Her Mother, Becky Is Struggling To Cope With The Changes In Her Life Forced To Live With Her Estranged Father, She Struggles To Find Comfort In Her New Surroundings Having Lost Her Best Friend, Confidant And Mentor, She Pleads With Family Friend Mike To Save Her, In Hope Than Expectation When Mike Arrives On Her Doorstep And Agrees To Take Her Away For A Few Days, Becky Can T Believe Her Luck But A Chance Encounter At Mike S House Will Alter The Balance Of Their Relationship Forever Will The Weekend Trip They Take Together Turn A Teenage Crush Into A Wondrous Dream, Or Will She Sleepwalk Into Her Very Own Nightmare A Gritty, Real Life Romance Set Against The Backdrop Of St Century Western Pop Culture, With Its Padded Bras For Pre Teens, Endless Billboards Of Models Creating Unattainable Body Image Ideals And Salacious Magazine Articles Force Feeding Tips On Everything From Looking Beautiful To Pleasing Your Partner

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15 thoughts on “Milk

  1. Donnie Burgess says:

    Milk is written wonderfully Colorful metaphors mix with wonderful descriptions to paint pictures of the places and events the primary characters, Becky and Mike, experience It is told in the first person, through the eyes of Becky, and reads much like I would expect a teenage girl s diary would taking place mostly in the Becky s mind Both primaries have unique personalities and their thoughts and actions always seem appropriate to their characters Some details about each are hidden and only revealed as the story unfolds.The story roped me in quickly, mostly, I surmise, because it is so easy to identify with the insecurities and problems that plague Becky My curiosity remained high throughout There are some very minor mistakes in grammar and punctuation but probably no than this review contains , and the page formatting is a bit odd, but nothing that would impair your ability to read it Love stories are absolutely not my genre, but I really enjoyed this one Overall a highly recommended book.