Art of 4 Elements (AoL Mindfulness, #1)

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  • Art of 4 Elements (AoL Mindfulness, #1)
  • Nataša Nuit Pantović
  • English
  • 05 December 2017

About the Author: Nataša Nuit Pantović

Nata a Pantovi Nuit, BSc Economics, is Serbian Maltese Author, Management Consultant, Adoptive Parent and Spiritual Researcher into Higher States of Consciousness living and working in Malta.Author of 9 AoL Consciousness Research Books The early eMalta years saw a heavy investment by Government in its ICT infrastructure to transform Malta into an Information Society As Management Consultant working within the MEU, in the Office of Prime Minister, Nata a worked on large number of management and HR consulting projects throughout the various Ministries and Government Institutions.After helping Father George build a school in a remote area of Ethiopia, Nuit entered the most amazing world of parenting adopting two kids from Ethiopia as a single mum Nuit left her Management Consultancy job to follow this amazing journey into the parenthood At the moment she says that her kids are actively teaching her how to be aloving, mindful and conscious parent Ema and Andrej love and train basketball, play music, act within a Music Theater Group and were Chess Champions of Malta.While heading a large UK IT company Crimsonwing, later KPMG that has set up its operations in Malta, she was in charge of its Management Consultancy, Training, and Business Development, expanding the company s markets in Europe, and has been invited by Malta Enterprise, to promote Malta as a European near shore IT outsourcing destination As a woman, and an IT Executive, travelling around our little planet, her memory recalls many venues in London, Cardif, Manchester, Milan, Brussels, Rome, Amsterdam, presenting the company s large UK IT case studies Safeway, Banks, etc while at the same time promoting Malta IT, but the most impressive was the Euro Med Summit in Marseille France where Nata a was a Guest Speaker in an Experts Panel Discussion addressing Ministers and Business Heads from around the Euro Med region with the Presentation Strategies for Growth in the Euro Med Region Euro Mediterranean Business Summit 2006.Nata a has traveled throughthan 50 countries and lived in 5 UK, New Zealand, Holland, In March 2015, Artof4Elements has launched the Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Series of 9 fiction and non fiction books authored by 7 authors, focusing on spiritual growth, creativity and mindfulness A series of many genres, including poetry, personal development, historical fiction, the world of AoL Mindfulness explores numerous self development themes Ama Dios Mindful Eating Conscious Parenting Consicious Creativity Art of 4 Elements Ama Dios Mindful Being Spiritual Symbols Tree of Life

Art of 4 Elements (AoL Mindfulness, #1)Art Of Elements Spiritual Poetry BookDiscover Alchemy Through Poetry And Love Through AlchemyFour Artists, A Poet Nata A Pantovi , A Photographer Christine Cutajar, And Two Painters Jason Lu And Jeni Caruana, Worked Together To Create The Art Of Four Elements Book With Art Works And Poems The Poetry Acted As An Inspiration For The Work Of The Artists Each One Of Them Chose Poems And Created The Art Work Based On The Theme And The Vibe Of The PoemsThe Poetry, The Photography, The Drawings, You Will Find In The Art Of Elements Book Attempt To Deeper Explore The Infinite Game Of Life, Through The Exploration Of Earth That Is Fixed, Rigid, Static And Quiet, And Symbolizes The World Of Senses Water That Is The Primordial Chaos, Is Fluidity And Flexibility, And Symbolizes The World Of Emotions Air That Has No Shape And Is Incapable Of Any Fixed Form It Is A Symbol Of ThoughtsFire That Is Boundless And Invisible, And Is A Parching Heat That Consumes All, Or Within Its Highest Manifestation, Becomes The Expression Of Divine Love AndSpirit That Stands At The Center Of The Four Elements As An Essence, An Observer, Consciousness Coming Forth To Experience The Magic Of Life

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10 thoughts on “Art of 4 Elements (AoL Mindfulness, #1)

  1. Sonja Stellini says:

    I love Natasha s poetry Full of love and wisdom. it s a pure beauty to read This is a great present book original and lovable

  2. Nataša Pantović says:

    Spiritual Poetry book Art of 4 Elements by Nata a Nuit Pantovi available

  3. Yo Chi says:

    I have witnessed the launch exhibition of this one and I have a very intimate experience with the work The poems and visual artwork are uplifting and encouraging in my spiritual search I find inspiration in random returns to the book.

  4. Jadranka Cuculovic says:

    While reading the spiritual poetry of Nata a Nuit Pantovi I felt how my Being is filled with the divine love and wisdom Nuit has deep understanding of the richness and beauty of our souls and this wisdom has transferred into her poetry I am so grateful that she shared this beauty with us to make this world a better andbeautiful place I feel immensely blessed that I had a chance to read her spiritual poetry.

  5. Draganadjokic343gmail.Com says:

    A great book of spiritual poetry Inspiring poems from a very spiritual soul, motivational writings with the great flow The book of alchemy and symbols, myths and dreams Loved it

  6. Mario Johns says:

    Beautiful Inspiring Spiritual poems that inspired me to explore deeper the magic of meditation and spiritual work.

  7. Kamala Azzopardi says:

    great inspiring spiritual poetry thx for the inspiration